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Video Production

Nothing helps sell a concept or idea like a well written and produced video. The talented in-house team at Madaffer Enterprises offers world-class video production styling, artists, studio and equipment to produce a wide range of video services including branding, copywriting, corporate video, motion graphics, business commercials, conference video, drone cinematography, studio video, web-shows, photography and more. Through concept planning, pre-production, video shooting and post production our dedicated team has the expertise to produce videos that tell a compelling and engaging story. Madaffer Enterprises can create an efficient model with a lean crew that is focused on your specific goals, full time.

Here are just a few kinds of video are typically produce for clients:
Inspirational – distill your core message, values and vision into a compelling narrative
Educational – Teach your audience how to do something
Testimonial – Profile the benefits customers have received via your product service
Animation – Tell your story via pictures, drawings, and fun visual elements
Explainer– Demonstrate the sequential process of interaction with your product/service
Video Emails – Any marketing video can become part of your marketing list strategy
Product or Service – Showcase your product/service in a fun/dramatic way
Company Culture – Give prospects an inside look at what it’s like to work at your company
FAQ – Answer questions commonly received by Customer Service in video format