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September 11, 2018

Are you a local government official attending the League of California Cities Annual Conference this week in Long Beach? This year’s conference features several interesting sessions on smart city strategies, technology and local government innovation. Check out our top picks below and plan your day accordingly!

If you’re not attending this year’s conference, don’t worry – Madaffer Enterprises is working with League staff to put together a webinar on smart city strategic planning and the importance of creating prioritized roadmaps for civic technology transformation. Keep an eye out for an announcement with more details on our webinar later this month.

Thursday, Sept. 13

8:15 – 9:30 a.m.

“Hunt the Future: Accelerate from Status Quo to Status Go”

During these times of unprecedented and disruptive change, leaders at all levels of government must improve their ability to manage a perplexing paradox — how to stay focused on today’s business while building for tomorrow. Leaders must be vigilant and disrupt the fossilized mental model of “we’ve always done it that way” and replace it with a progressive approach to continuous improvement. In this session, seven actions are shared that organizational leaders can implement to translate the headwinds of change into a tail wind and create the recipe required for future success.

8:15 – 9:30 a.m.

“Facebook for Local Government: Tips, Tools & Best Practices”

Your opportunity to build an online community through Facebook has never been stronger. Come learn about some of the latest tools, tips and best practices that can help you better reach and connect with constituents on Facebook.

1 – 2:15 p.m.

“Getting the Most Value from Your City’s Technology Investment”

Information Technology is traditionally seen as a necessary evil in municipal government. IT often gets a bad rap with seemingly insatiable user expectations, ever-increasing budget and staff requests, maintenance agreements, project backlogs, and questionable results. Learn about technology strategy, GIS, citizen engagement, apps, smart cities, Internet of Things, records and email retention and more. Experienced city managers and CIOs share advice and experiences on how to make the most of technology investments to improve quality of life and strengthen communities. Attendees can tweet with the hashtag #CityITQuestions or email info@misac.org to ask questions and become a part of the session.

2:45 – 4 p.m.

“Three Important Emerging Planning Technologies”

Technology fundamentally changes how we think about and engage in the practice of planning. In this fast-moving session, we will discuss the three most important emerging planning technologies for 2018: Personalization, Crowdsourcing, and Virtual Reality (VR). Come learn how cities, large and small, are using these technologies to: 1) convert planning documents into personalizable interactive websites; 2) use crowdsourcing to greatly enhance stakeholder outreach outcomes; 3) explore how VR technology is enabling innovative and cost-effective municipal realtime and transparent decision support. The session format includes a presentation of each technology and plenty of time for questions.

Friday, Sept. 14

11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

“Mapping Black California – Using GIS to Identify Our Assets & Assess Our Challenges”

There are over 3 million African Americans living in California, and the Golden State is home to the single wealthiest Black community–and two of the top ten most affluent predominantly Black communities–in the United States, however Blacks in California continue to face numerous negative disparities: • We are over-represented in prisons and jails • We are underrepresented in public universities • We have a higher high school drop-out rate • We are disproportionately affected by heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and obesity Utilizing GIS tools–specifically Esri’s ArcGIS, Story Maps, and ArcGIS Hub–the Mapping Black California initiative allows us to better understand the state of Black California, the social, political, and economic issues affecting it, and the means by which we can address the racial disparity problem.

Madaffer Enterprises is proud to be a League Partner. For more information about the League of California Cities, visit www.cacities.org.

Photo credit: Jeremy Sykes Photography / League of California Cities