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No matter how brilliant or life-changing your project is, making it a reality often depends on the challenging process of securing land use entitlements. Successfully navigating complex and arcane government regulations, while at the same time rallying stakeholder support and addressing community concerns, requires a strategic approach guided by experts.

Madaffer Enterprises is unique in offering the best of both strategic policy guidance and community engagement services to help clients win the approvals they need from local governments. We have successfully secured project entitlements for commercial, residential, industrial, medical, mixed-use, retail and cannabis development projects. We have a robust network of consultants in land use law, engineering, architecture, traffic, environmental analysis and media relations that we can call on to assemble a highly-qualified project team. Establishing the right team to work with government agencies and the local community is the key to problem solving and ultimate success.

Here are some examples of how we can be helpful:

Strategic planning for securing project entitlements
Understanding of approval requirements, permit processing and political factors
Experience with land use development plans, use permits, subdivision maps, regional transportation systems, and environmental analysis
Community engagement and public outreach, including workshops, presentations to community groups, and one-on-one conversations with key stakeholders

Message development and media relations
Coalition-building among stakeholders
Representation at local community groups and public hearings