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A creative problem solver with superb verbal and written communication skills, combined with proven technical, planning, development and teaching experience. Bob is highly experienced in advanced transportation technology-related planning, opportunity analysis and relationship building.

He has a unique combination of practical experience gained from working with both the public and private sectors, over the past 30 years, in the application of advanced technologies to urban environments. He has provided expert level consulting support to public sector clients in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Private sector experience includes working with a range of multinational companies, providing business planning and development expertise to either enter the advanced transportation technology market, or improve positioning. Specific skills are as follows:

Requirements exploration, definition, and agreement

Effective exploration and agreement of requirements are an essential component in a successful approach to Smart city planning. Bob has extensive experience in the definition, exploration and agreement of requirements for advanced transportation technology projects. This includes support for interactive dialogue on the capabilities and constraints of technologies and the policy basis for requirements.

Definition of project concepts

Project concepts are a crucial part of harnessing the power of advanced technology. Bob specializes in developing project concepts to address specific needs within the city and regional framework. This includes the definition of an ecosystem of solution providers and identification of technology, organizational and business frameworks.

Use case development and agreement

Use cases are an essential communication tool that help to build a bridge between those familiar with the technology and those expert in the needs, issues, problems, and objectives to be addressed. Bob has considerable experience in developing use cases based on requirements input and technology capabilities. The resulting use cases are created in a standardized template format for ease of communication

Architecture definition

A high-level architecture that explains the major elements of the system and the connectivity between them is a very important communication tool at an early stage in effective planning. An architecture represents a framework that illustrates how technologies will work together, defines roles and responsibilities and organizational level and highlights the business models and partnerships required to support the technologies. Bob has a long history of developing high-level architectures for advanced transportation technology applications. This includes the definition of the major elements, the interfaces between elements and the logical data flow through the system. He can develop architectures at 3 primary levels – technological, organizational and commercial. The latter includes the identification and definition of appropriate business models and partnerships.

Strategic planning for Smart cities

Bob has knowledge and experience that support an agile yet structured approach to the rapid development of strategic plans for advanced transportation technologies, smart mobility and smart cities. This includes the definition of a long-term vision, appropriate departure points and a roadmap towards the vision. This work includes the definition of benefits and costs associated with smart city deployments, concept of operations, funding arrangements, detailed projects and programs. This strategic planning approach features a high degree of interaction with the client group that supports the transfer of knowledge as well as the creation of a practical and robust plan.

Big data and analytics

Bob has worked with leading private sector solution providers to define suitable analytics to gain the planning and operation of smart cities. He has developed strategic plans and operational concepts that involve the use of big data and analytics for performance management. He has published several books on advanced technology subjects, the most recent of which builds on his experience in this area and offers practical advice on harnessing the power of big data and analytics for a smart city.