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September 5th, 2014

By Jim Madaffer

“Serious drought. Help save water.”
We see lit-up signs with these five words everywhere in California. More importantly, we feel the effects of this “serious” drought and mandatory water restrictions that have come with the problem.

But, to say it’s a “serious” drought is an understatement. The country’s most populous state is suffering through the most severe drought in modern history with scientists warning of a “megadrought” if California doesn’t take action.

Investing in our water infrastructure is crucial for a state that supplies half the country’s fruits, vegetables and nuts, and will be home to 60 million people by 2050.

The state Legislature made tremendous headway this week when it passed a $7.5 billion water bond package to be known as Proposition 1 on this November’s ballot. The deal is the largest investment the state has proposed since the $1.75 billion State Water Project in 1960.

The money will go toward dams, groundwater, recycling, water quality and watershed improvement – and more, throughout the state — all designed to improve and stabilize California’s water supply.

In San Diego, we’ll benefit from the passage of the ballot measure in a number of ways including:
$1.5 billion will go toward water recycling and water treatment technology
$52.5 million will fund regional water management projects
$100 million would fund water-use efficiency projects
$17 for the San Diego River Conservancy

The future of California’s water supply is now in the hands of its citizens. Voters have the responsibility of passing Proposition 1 in November or we must suffer the consequences of a drying Golden State.

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