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Government Affairs
and Public Relations Services

Madaffer Enterprises provides clients with solutions to complex problems. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure that each project benefits from deep, strategic planning matched by impeccable execution. Clients rely on our insight and experience to achieve their desired outcomes – and we always play to win.

Real Property, Land Use and Environmental Regulatory Law Services

Madaffer Enterprises specializes in real estate, land use policy and environmental regulatory matters. It’s firm, San Diego Land Lawyers, represents a broad spectrum of clients, including major real estate owners and developers, financial institutions, mid-sized businesses, non-profits and individual homeowners.

Smart City Strategic Planning

Our work to develop a Smart City Strategic Action Plan for the City of Chula Vista has been nationally recognized with an award by the American Planning Association, and our forthcoming Smart + Connected City Strategic Roadmap for the City of Carlsbad is slated to be presented at conferences nationwide as a cutting-edge example of this new form of planning.

Our Focus Areas

We’re proud of our history of working with a broad base of clients to engage public affairs efforts on a variety of issues. Over time, our work has led us to specialize in four focus areas that can be summarized with one word: INNOVATION.

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Our people love innovative products, services and ideas. We’re passionate about advancing disruptive technologies that improve quality of life, and we spend a lot of time talking to decisionmakers about how they can make “the next big thing” work for them. New innovations often create challenges for regulators, residents and existing services. Madaffer Enterprises prides itself on ensuring its clients are part of the solution.

Madaffer Enterprises provides clients with solutions to complex communications problems. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure that each project benefits from deep, strategic planning matched by impeccable execution. Clients rely on our insight and experience to achieve their desired outcomes – and we always play to win.

Government Affairs
and Public Relations Services

Real Property, Land Use and Regulatory Law Services

Government Relations

Madaffer Enterprises facilitates effective communication between clients and local government officials.

Coalition Building

Our extensive ally network keeps us in touch with the policy priorities and positions of major stakeholder groups.

Crisis Communications

We work proactively with clients to develop crisis communications strategies long before they are needed.

Political Consulting & Issue Advocacy

Madaffer Enterprises brings its extensive experience working on campaigns and political efforts to provide strategic counsel.

Public Outreach

We engage residents, local community groups to build support for efforts by knowing what motivates them.

Initiatives & Referenda

Madaffer Enterprises facilitates direct democracy by advising businesses and organizations on local ballot measures.

Public Relations & Communications

Madaffer Enterprises develops strategic communications plans based on comprehensive message platforms.

Association Management

Local organizations and advocacy groups are important voices in representing communities and shared interests.

Land Use, Entitlements & Permitting

Our many years of experience encompass a broad scope of activities and laws. Including, assistance with site acquisition.

Environmental Reviews

We are a leading practitioner of the California Environmental Quality Act and environmental review regulations.

Expert Witness

Our team includes experts with decades of experience in land law, transportation, engineering, and municipal permitting.

Media Relations

The media is a key component of the public affairs landscape that must be carefully understood and managed.

Video Production

The talented in-house team at Madaffer Enterprises offers world-class, well written video production.

Graphic Design

Having the creative team with the technical knowledge needed for web design, video production, print, and problem solving.

Social Media / Digital Advocacy

We use social media and digital content that advances clients’ policy goals while complementing their brand identity.

Cannabis Consulting

We help clients navigate through the complicated and emerging field of establishing a cannabis business.

Smart City Strategic Planning

Smart Cities

We are Smart City experts who work with all levels of municipal government to create a plan catering to the specific needs.

Emerging Technology

We’re experienced communicators when it comes to the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, the sharing economy, and more.

Energy Innovation

Governments need to ensure regulations to keep pace with the latest technological innovations in energy generation.
Case Studies

Madaffer Enterprises provides clients with solutions to complex communications problems. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure that each project benefits from deep, strategic planning matched by impeccable execution. Clients rely on our insight and experience to achieve their desired outcomes – and we always play to win.

City of Chula Vista

Needing maintenance to tech and infrastructure, city leaders wanted a strategy that would help staff make decisions that would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of city government.

Wireless Infrastructure Now

Responding to skyrocketing demand for mobile data, the wireless industry is working overtime to upgrade networks and prepare for the 5G technology that will enable almost everything.


As the number of short-term vacation rental homes swelled to over 2,000 in the City of Palm Springs, a well-organized group of residents began a highly successful grassroots campaign to advocate for a ban.

Crown Castle

The nation’s largest wireless infrastructure provider faced pressing deadlines from its carrier customers to install thousands of small cells and hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cable in cities throughout California.

Surf Cup Sports

The largest youth soccer organization in San Diego County wanted to take over the lease for a 200-acre recreational facility known as the Polo Fields, owned by the City of San Diego and leased to a polo club.

Uber Technologies

Local agencies have continued to struggle with how to integrate new transportation technologies into existing transportation infrastructure and balance their benefits against environmental sustainability goals.

Sanderling Waldorf

Sanderling Waldorf set out to develop a vacant plot of land in Encinitas to construct their newest campus. Local opponents of the project began to emerge and raised concerns. Madaffer stepped in to help.


Sunroad Properties acquired a vacant lot and made plans for a new plaza. Receiving opposition from residents and officials, we worked with Sunroad to develop a plan that would be pleasing to all parties.

Diego Valley Charter School

Diego Valley is a charter school that offers a non-classroom-based learning model for students at risk of dropping out of traditional high schools. The local school board did not understand Diego Valley’s model.


We speak at numerous events, conferences and panels sharing everything from the future of transportation, automation and technology to telecom, smart cities and more. Stay up-to-date with the latest news at Madaffer Enterprises.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Public Affairs?

Public Affairs is about building trust and often includes creating a strong brand and great reputation to allow you to build relationships with the public. For your company, those relationships might be with the general public; consumers – potential customers and clients; investors; employees; government officials, agencies and regulators; and the media. Great PR creates mutually beneficial relationships and incites change. Great PR can help you change behaviors and opinions in your favor.

What is Media Relations?
Media relations is such an important and well-known component of public relations that people often mistakenly believe that PR is media relations. Our media relations professionals work with members of the media to publicize companies and their products through what we call "earned media coverage." Earned media coverage happens when the news features your company, brand product, service or spokesperson. Unlike advertising, which sponsors the news, public relations uses earned media coverage to integrate you into the news content, not leave you a separate entity from that content. Earned media coverage appears in print, broadcast and online media. Madaffer Enterprises can show you how to maximize your media relations efforts.
Why should I use PR instead of advertising?
No one tunes into the news to see who's advertising; people switch to news channels and visit news websites because that's how they ensure they're informed, educated and entertained. Do you regularly turn to any website, TV show, newspaper or magazine for the advertisements?

Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the ROI on public relations leaves advertising's ROI in the dust. People have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible message.

Will I be buying articles, advertising or space?
No. We will be working to acquire earned media placement of stories about your company. With earned media, unlike advertising, companies do not pay for placement of news stories. One of the key advantages of public relations over other marketing channels is that earned media helps establish credibility for a company and its products or services. PR is not instant or overnight, but it is a very powerful way to build your company's brand and reputation.
Why choose Madaffer Enterprises?
Because our clients love us. According to a survey, nine out of 10 Madaffer Enterprises clients are either “highly likely” or “extremely likely” to refer us to their colleagues and friends.
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